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Born out of the need to protect our groundwater, the Stampriet Aquifer Uranium Mining Association (SAUMA) unites a community of committed Namibians, each deeply aware of the crucial role water plays within our stunning yet dry environment.  

Based in Namibia, we focus primarily on protecting the Stampriet Aquifer Basin, which is the life-giving vein running deep within our land. This aquifer sustains settlements, nourishes farms, and maintains our unique semi-desert ecosystem. 


Our goal is to scrutinize any initiatives, like in situ uranium leaching, that could potentially harm this resource, leaving the ecosystem and the communities to bear the brunt of these negative impacts.

While we celebrate foreign investments and industries crucial for our economy, we also emphasize the necessity for absolute clarity on the risks posed by certain mining techniques like uranium in situ leaching.

Given the importance and scope of our cause, we welcome the support of all Namibians, international allies, and experts who share our commitment to stopping potential pollution of our underground water resources. Together we will raise awareness, legally challenge, and stand up for what we believe in. 


While our adversaries may wield substantial power, backed by formidable entities with seemingly limitless resources, we stand undeterred. We are united by the conviction that our aquifer, the very lifeblood of our land and our people, is worth ensuring that nothing can contaminate it.

Together we can ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit a Namibia as vibrant and rich in natural resources as the one we know today. 


At SAUMA we believe that water is not just life, it's our legacy and that every ripple of awareness we create strengthens the wave of protection around our precious resource. Our mission is as follows:

To conserve the natural surface and sub-surface environment of the Stampriet Aquifer Basin and to advocate for the attainment and implementation of effective legislative protection, establish policies conducive to the wise and sustainable use of the natural resources within the Stampriet Aquifer Basin and generally promote the sustainable development thereof.

To oppose and prevent any potentially harmful activities that may pollute or otherwise adversely affect the underground water resources of theStampriet Aquifer Basin or create adverse environmental impacts on the ecology in the Stampriet Aquifer Basin.

stampriet farm irrigation


At SAUMA we believe in the power of information to protect, preserve, and enable participation. Our purpose as an influential public-mandated organisation is to inform and champion all who rely on and wish to safeguard the underground water in the Stampriet Aquifer Basin and to make a positive contribution to the conservation of our natural resources and ecology.

We're committed to empowering people with essential information and fostering their active participation in decisions that impact the health of their environment, livelihoods, and future generations. We aim to collaborate with our Ministry of Agriculture to establish legislation protecting the Stampriet Aquifer Basin from potential risks.

Through our efforts, we hope to ensure that clean drinking water, vital to life, farming, tourism, and overall prosperity, remains a protected birthright of the citizens of our great nation.

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